jueves, 10 de octubre de 2019

The Universe of Oniria Crimes

After the incubation in GameBCN and finishing the pre-production of Oniria Crimes, we have realized that there are many people interested in the game's lore. The good thing is that there is a lot of official lore about Oniria online. Only true onironauts know all the secrets published to date.

  • Oniria Times: Minigame You are in charge of the first newspaper in the world of dreams (Only for subscribers).
  • La Danza de la Señora Xiang: Short story. One of the cases of Inspector Torres in Vigil. Only in Spanish for now.
  • El caso del ciborg tejedor: Short story. Another case of Inspector Torres. This time in Oniria. Only in Spanish for now.
In addition, we are preparing an interactive fiction that will serve to talk a little more about the relationship between Oniria and Vigil for the ECTOCOMP Get ready for a new story about Oniria at the end of October!

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