Why I made Oniria Crimes?


After a year and a half of development, with the demo published on Steam and the game about to be released on PC and consoles, I look back and realize that time has gone by in the blink of an eye.

Oniria Crimes is an author's game, in wich we putted a bit of our souls. We have few followers and few resources, but we have a very strong message to send to the world: "Oniria is there for you all, you can just explore it."

That message, and the effort we have made during this time, has had its impact among invaluable friends who are supporting us by following the game, reporting errors on the Steam page, recommending posts on Twitter and, ultimately, giving us their love of the best possible way.

When I decided to embark myself with Oniria Crimes -after failing other projects-, it was because I knew that I had managed to bring together in one game all the passion of 20 years of programming, literature, design and dreaming. I knew I could do something that would reach people. After failing other projects, I knew that this time the public would be there to play it. Not a large audience, because point&click adventures are not for the masses, but the audience I wanted to reach: people who appreciate a game in which every corner is lovingly cared for.

Now that people have been able to try the demo told me their impressions, I look back and realize it was a hard of a fight to make Oniria Crimes, and I only have words of grattitude for those who, at some point along the way, had pushed me to translate this dream into a video game.

This is Docky. He wishes you sweet dreams